Yoshino B4000 SST New Solid-State Portable Power Station 2,611Wh, 4,000W Continuous/6,000W Peak Solar Optional Generator,UPS Backup Battery


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Weighing only 53.6 lbs. and delivering 4,000W AC output and 2,611Wh capacity, the B4000 SST provides truly portable power – ensuring your devices are powered wherever your adventure takes you. This portable power station is both an essential and sustainable battery-powered backup system to meet your needs whether for outdoor, home backup, power tools, or off grid use. This unit includes two fixed 15-watt wireless charging pads, allowing you to charge devices like the iPhone 14 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, or any other smart device simultaneously while charging other electronics or power tools. It features optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled APP control and a bright LED light. The control panel has 10 total ports including AC, DC, RV, USB-A and C ports with 2 wireless charging pads on top for a total of 11 supported connections. Perfect for emergency UPS power backup needs and will power most home devices, including refrigerators. Portable, lightweight, and powerful enough to use during outdoor camping, off-grid, RV, and recreational activities. This portable power station also features Smart Link which allows you to expand the overall capacity so whether you are looking for 10-15k Wh of battery capacity there are no limits with Smart Link. Quiet with zero gas emissions and harmful fumes, the B4000 SST can be recharged quickly using AC power (fast charges from 0-100% within 90 minutes), optional fast solar charging (5.5 hours), and car charging (22 hours)

Solid-State Technology (SST), is the evolution in lithium batteries which are safer, more compact& lighter than its conventional lithium-ion counterparts. New solid-state battery provides safer & compact power output for off-grid and emergency backup use.


4,000 watts continuous (6,000 peak watts) power and a capacity of 2,611Wh provides power for devices and most all home appliances. Safety features include over voltage, over current, over charging, over discharging, thermal, and short circuit protection. The SST battery is rated to 2,500 cycles to 80% (7 years of everyday use). Integrated GaN technology allows for more efficient power delivery, and Yoshino’s U.S. based support is here to assist with any service needs.


Smart Link allows the ability to connect additional 2,611Wh batteries together to increase capacity. There are no limits with Smart link, allowing the ability to match capacity to any application.


Whether you are on an adventure, a jobsite, or in the middle of an emergency, this portable power station weighs only 53.6 lbs. and functions as an integrated UPS backup system when all else fails. Charge compatible devices on top of the unit using it’s 2 fixed 15-watt wireless charging pads. Featuring a built-in aluminum carry handle and mobile app for remote access – connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Quiet with zero gas emissions and harmful fumes, keeping you connected, always.


The B4000 SST can be recharged using AC fast charging (0-100% within 90 minutes), optional solar charging (5.5 hours) and car charging (22 hours).


Ports include AC (pure sine wave, 120V x2, 120V/30A RV x1), DC (12V) x2, USB-A x2, USB-Type C (20W) x1, Type C PD (100W) x1, Wireless Charging Pad (15W) x2

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