Sunmthink 12×20 ft Hardtop Gazebo with Double Roof, Steel and Aluminum Construction, Large Gazebo for Parties and Outdoors


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 All frames are made of steel and aluminum and are coated with waterproof and rust-proof powder, which can be adapted to outdoor weather for a long time. Our gazebo will not bend, rust, or crack for 2-3 years. At 10 feet tall, adults can easily pass through, and the huge interior space caters to many people’s needs for parties and barbecues. This is a large hardtop gazebo that adds a lot of fun to yard activities whether it’s winter or summer and can be a great way to decorate your yard.


  • UV blocking PC panels: Double-layer hardtop gazebo has three protective layers. The insulation filters sunlight and reduces heat. Both roofs are 6MM PC panels that are waterproof and moisture-proof, which can be used all season. The roof
        is tilted so that rain and snow can be quickly discharged, preventing rainwater from gathering. Reduce mildew and mosquito breeding problems. (Please note that the polycarbonate roof can only block UV light, not high temperature and strong light)
  • Double roofs 3 hooks design: Double top reduce wind pressure, circulation ventilation, comfortable and not stuffy. There is also a U-shaped hook in the middle of the steel roof to hang lights or fans, and 2 hooks on the beams to hang items
        according to your needs. (Note: the maximum load of each hook is 10KG, do not hang heavy items)
  • Anti-mosquito breathable design: The privacy curtain adopts a polyester coating to resist the harmful effects of sunlight, and the built-in mosquito net effectively prevents mosquito bites in summer and ensures ventilation. The two layers
        of protection can be used separately, and the smooth slide will not stall. You have the freedom to choose between open views or private Spaces for a more casual outdoor experience. The pavilion is equipped with hooks around the sides, which can
        add decorative items such as lamp strips.
  • Sturdy frame: An all-aluminum frame with a waterproof coating that is load bearing and more wind resistant will protect you from the sun and bad weather all year round. At the same time, 4 ground posts and expansion screws add extra durability
        and security to our gazebos.

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